The Vet Society Team

Meet the passionate people behind our company
  • Mark J Tenenbaum
    Head of Brand Development

    Mark (DVM final year student), the founder of The Vet Society has always been eager about helping our furry friends.

    Mark has a spoodle named Skye who is publicised through his Snapchat daily.

    Mark founded The Vet Society in 2015 as a means of sharing the Veterinary Medicine journey and connecting Veterinary professionals. By doing so, he has also built a reputable brand within the Pet Sector.

  • Jack Wheelahan
    Head of Content

    Jack is a DVM student at The University of Melbourne
    with a passion for conservation and wildlife medicine.
    He endeavours to use his Veterinary degree to provide essential health care to threatened wildlife species, to research improvements in wildlife welfare and rehabilitation, and to educate those around him on what they can do to help.

    Jack has travelled to places like Borneo to further his own education on topics such as deforestation, illegal wildlife trade and conservation strategies, while also enjoying some close encounters with incredible animals such as
    orangutans, sunbears and macaques.

  • Gary Tenenbaum
    Head of Social Strategy

    After completing his double-degree in Commerce
    (Marketing) and Arts, Gary went on to build TAG Digital.

    TAG Digital provide companies with marketing
    solutions with an emphasis on social media.
    Having Gary on The Vet Society Team provides us
    useful insight into the wonderful world of social media.

    Gary is a fitness junky and is
    described as an Instagram-addict.

  • Louise Gertzel
    Head of Design and Web Development

    Louise graduated from Swinburne University in 2016 with
    a Bachelor Degree in Design (Communication Design.)

    ​She works as a head graphic designer at Wolf Media, specializing in web design and brand development. She is passionate about providing everyone with a beautiful brand and user experience.

    She has a major obsession with sausage dogs and shares jacks passion for environmental and wildlife conservation