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Who owns your pet food?

Whilst there are so many brands of pet food available to feed our furry friends, the reality is that these brands are owned by only a small number of companies.

Now, whilst the majority of these giant conglomerates are non-Australian, it is nice to know that majority of the pet food is still manufactured here in Australia with relatively (key word) quality ingredients.

So who actually owns all of the brands? Surprisingly, the industry is absolutely dominated by three foreign-owned brands. The team at Off The Leash have created a great infographic which captures the companies and the brands they own.

Brands and the companies that own them.

Mars is a US private company (third largest privately-held company in the US according to Forbes) and owns the following brands:

Nestle (Nestle Purina) is a Swiss public company (boasts an annual revenue close to $90B in 2017 as reported by Nestle) and owns the following brands:

The Real Pet Food Co is majority owned by Chinese led - Asian investment consortium (in 2017, the consortium acquired majority equity from founders Quadrant Private Equity at a company valuation of AUD$1 billion) and owns the following brands:

Other foreign brands and their owners include:


So, there are only a few major pet food brands left standing.

There are only a few Australian-owned and Australian-manufactured pet food brands in the market. Here is another infographic by Off The Leash showing the Australian-owed brands:

Australian-owned brands.

Australian-owned dog food brands include:


You can read the original article written by Off The Leash here.

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